I was able to build and install the driver from the source code using nmake without any problems. Social engineering like that may provide a quicker solution than trying to reverse engineer the format. Once that code was working properly, I copied and modified it to handle the other tables and their columns. The examples above assume that the C-ISAM file, the bridge file and the Recital structure file are all in the current working directory. It contains a switch statement with a case for each table. Sign up using Facebook. Will we use the Dr.

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The Microsoft Access demo showed how to create a GUI for managing users and pools, again without programming.

SQL Server Native Client (ODBC)

The Access demo revealed a deficiency in my driver. When you call the iterator function to get the current element, it is returned as a user or pool object. The drivers obdc compiled versions of the source code. It works on Linux; I am not sure if other operating systems are also supported.

Additionally, InConcert provides an API through which applications can retrieve and update this information. Michael, what are the first sixteen bytes in the FS5 file?

Accessing C-ISAM Files via the Recital C-ISAM Bridge

FirebirdSQL is an open source relational database based on the Interbase 6 engine. Access PowerShell ovbc like you would a database – call scripts and commands with or without parameters and query output through a standard ODBC Driver interface.


Supported applications and interfaces include OpenOffice. Dennis is an independent consultant who specializes in workflow- and document-management technologies. Each case contains a call to an InConcert API function that retrieves a property of the current object user or pool.

Access PreEmptive Analytics like you would a database – receive updates about feature utilization, exceptions, session keys, etc. Failing that, it may be that the best solution is to contact the vendor of the management software to see if they’ll part with the information. At each step, I first wrote and tested only the code necessary to implement the functionality for one table or one column in a table. My driver was not reporting any keys to Access, so Access did not allow me to insert records into the Users or Members tables.

Now it’s easy to connect to your Microsoft Access database using your Mac! Unfortunately running a strings command didn’t bring back anything, thank you for your advise. Using the Bridge The Bridge can now be used.

Does that offer any clues to something different? Submit a ticket My tickets Contact Details. This page contains numerous free drivers, servers, tools, libraries, source code, entire RDBMSes, etc.

Access Exact Online like you would a database – read, write, and update Accounts, Divisions, Opportunities, etc. It features multiuser access and transaction isolation based on predictive locks. Post as a guest Name.


You use an iterator to successively get the elements from the set. The C binding for the InConcert API wants compiler and linker settings that are different than those used by the makefile that comes with the driver kit. It supports both in-memory and disk-based tables, and embedded and server modes. Sign up using Facebook. In addition, if you are looking for books from which to learn SQL, you may want to search Amazon. They also handily detail the file format in the Isma section of their docs but dBase III format is well known so you may be able to get more information elsewhere, such as here.

MichaelRamirez, no, not really, though I’ve added the suggestion to run strings on the files to see if there’s anything useful in them.

This is still an open question. A colon should be specified between the environment variable and the file name. Obc class defines operations that can be invoked through API functions.

Modern client interfaces can not only extend the life of long-term data, but also provide different ways to analyse and gain advantage from that data.